About JSJS

JSJS has brought and will continue to bring many firsts to the house industry. We have become the leaders in bringing new and innovative ideas to help the movers job become easier and more efficient. JSJS strives for perfection in the products we manufacture. Long after the sweetness of lower price is gone, the bitterness of poor quality and service remains forever. Here are just a few of the many accomplishments and firsts that we have succeeded in, due to our customers suggestions and ideas!

-Spring return crib jacks

-30 Ton crib jacks with adjustable base

-Tapered grooves on the jacks for ease of locking plates to jack

-Hand pockets molded in the side of jack base for ease of carrying

-Remote control manifolds ( Allows power pack to stay outside while you run your jacks from basement and keeps you away from noise

-Mini power packs

-Honda Motors

-Dial Gauge pointer markers (Marks pressure on gauge for watching operation)

-Zone packages on power packs and unified machines

-Central lifting eye on unified machines and power packs for easy transporting

-Jack travel meter rod on front of unified panel

-Remote coupling block on unified to remove hoses from work area

-Combination unified machine (Power Pack and unified built as on unit)

-Motors mounted on rubber on all machines for quieter, smoother operation

-Ball Valves (Makes operation of panel easier - can see what is open or closed)

-Hoses through front on panel so everything can be operated from the front

-Custom made manifolds for dollie operation and/or teeing jacks

-Swivel head jack tops for the crib jack

-Needle Valve tee assemblies

-Portable hydraulic hose reels for power pack systems

The moving industry is always coming up with new ideas and better ways to do jobs more efficiently. Its our job to make sure we give them what they want. As we progress into the future, so do the changes we make on our equipment. Our goals are not only to make it better, but build it so it suits each individuals needs for their particular operation.