20 Jack Features


Ball Valve Unified Machines

-Ball Valves: Simple on and off operation. Can Visually see Valve open or close 

-Remote Coupling Block System     

    -Can be mounted on front or side of machine for personal application     

    -Allows for easier hookup and safer operation of machines removing the hoses from the      work area 

-All Machines are custom built to suit customer needs for most efficient operation 

-Machines are built on a full frame for maximum strength 

-Hose reel openings have full 4 way roller bar system for ease of removing and rolling up hoses 

-Hose reel control by hydraulics      

    -Optional large capacity hose reels for front or side mount application 

-Meter rod on front of panel for easy viewing 

-Central lifting eye for ease of handling and positioning -Multiple hp motors available     

    -13 hp Honda up to 66 hp water cooled Kubota Diesels 

-2 speed option available for high speed recycling and/or raising 

-Double acting option 

-All Motors mounted on rubber for quieter, smoother operation 

-All Controls are mounted on front of panel (choke, key, throttle) 

-Two tone red and gold paint scheme standard     

    -Machines can be painted custom colors to match customers colors at no extra charge 

-Bypass needle valve on every outlet for retracting jacks without disconnecting them. In  addition, it allows you to recycle the machine at the same time 

-Optional zone package available. This allows any number or combination of outlets to be  tee'd together for running large bore jacks. Saves time by recycling less. 

-Dial gauge pointer markers for marking pressure on outlets 

-Helpers/Free return system     

    -Allows helpers to retract back without disconnecting them 

-2 and 4 way fork pockets 

-Optional Jack and Base rack system 

-Optional custom length stroke machine for different bore size Jacks